living in TF

T.I.E (Photo ID Card)

For British Nationals and other Non Europeans Moving/living to/in Spain, A straight swap from a green card or procedures from SCRATCH to immigrate into Spain.

N.I.E (green)

For European Nationals Spending Three Months or More in Spain or Working In Spain.

N.I.E (white)

This is a Identification Number assigned to Anyone Wishing Make a Purchase in Spain
This is not a Residency Document


GP visits

specialist consultations

dentist appointments




social security

S1 registration

overseas healthcare service
Tel: +44 191 218 1999

new affiliate number

debts & embargo's

Spanish pension applications


AGM for Communities

company training

Police Reports

help with Phone Contract

Court Hearings

court arrests

Time of need funeral arangements


Notary translations

Assitance at Hacienda
(the Inland Revenue)

School Registration

Open Bank Accounts

Birth Registration


Town Hall

"PardrĂ³n" Registration
Travel Discount Certificates

Disputes: Endesa, Movistar etc...

Official Written Translations

All in "Relocation consultancy" to tenerife
Tailor made

If you need a translation and it is not listed, call us. We also do written translations, write letters to the various administrations and letters to the ombudsman if necessary.