About Us

Who are we? …what makes us tick!

Miranda P. started out as a Court translator in 2001 in Arrecife, has a passion for Translations in the legal & immigration sectors, plus marketing & advertising. Sarah K. and Emma H. are Brilliant with SEPE Employment issues,  Doctors and are unstoppable with an amazing track record. Sara H. is our Sworn Translator in Tenerife and Joaquin C. is our Lawyer & Expert in Immigration in Tenerife. 

But this is not about us, it’s about you, our client. So perhaps saying that we feel is important too, which it: to take the weight off your shoulders, so everything is easy and stress free for you, to help you step by step when dealing with Spanish pubic administrations, probably hits the nail on the head.

To support and reassure you every step of the way until a task is completed, to simplify what are often overwhelming administrative requirements, the difference we make in your life and the smile on your face when all is done, that is our biggest reward.

The most important thing to us, is to help you feel at home here in Tenerife and know help is at hand. 

We know we have met and exceeded your expectations, when you refer your friends and neighbours to us, for which we are hugely grateful. All these things give us energy and enthusiasm to push ourselves to the next level.

We would like to encourage every one of you to learn Spanish to some degree, whatever is your comfortable level, a little or a lot, its up to you, but please don’t be scared to try.

Whether you can speak Spanish but don’t feel confident with official things, or whether you are fluent, Spanish Administrations are even overwhelming for Spanish people, that is why we have “Gestorias” in Spain, so you know, you can always count on us.

Many of our clients speak excellent Spanish, but leave the bureaucracy  procedures up to us. 

The Team….

Honesty & Integrity, Respect & Accountability are fundamental in any business, toward clients, colleagues, associates and affiliates, anything less will always fail. TFS Translators, aims to always collaborate with reputable companies and individuals only.

Miranda Parsons

“I love the adventure life offers and am a firm believer that there’s so much good in the world. In my heart I know that if we truly want something in life, we have to make it happen ourselves. So I as embark upon a digital world that used to frighten me, through my experience I wish to inspire others”.


“Wonderful, friendly and professional. Really supportive and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend”

Julie Maxwell
Resident in Tenerife
“Absolute fantastic service. Kept in contact the whole way through, gave 100% information and help. Helped with all paperwork. Was in and out of the foreigners office within a few minutes. Definitely recommend 100%. Absolutely amazing and very trustworthy. Recommend to everyone and anyone. Thank you!!!”

Raechel Sweeney
Shop Manager @ GBR Solutions
“I must say what an amazing service these people provide. Spanish paperwork is difficult to understand at times and that’s coming from someone who speaks Spanish, let alone those who don’t, super friendly and caring. honestly people please if you need help put your trust in this group and they will deliver”

Paul Parker O’Connor
Hotel Entertainment Manager
“Excellent service never had anything so good as these 2 ladies and so lovely too”

Marnie Hunt
Resident in Tenerife